Becoming a community of Authentic Christ followers

compelled to change our world.




One of the key tenets of our faith as Christians is that we are to live with eternity in mind. We are not to think like the rest of the world things, planning for a life of only 60, 70 or 80 years. Rather, we are to look at the life we live on this earth as merely the “title page” of a much longer existence.

Because of that, there are some attitudes and behaviors that the Bible tells us to adopt that, frankly speaking, only make sense of there is a life beyond this one. There are things that we are called to think and do that not only do not get us ahead in this world, but in several instances may actually leave us behind in this world. Nevertheless, these attitudes and behaviors are key part of what it means to be a Christian.

In this series, working to take a look at some of these attitudes and behaviors that we are called to adopt us Christians that only makes sense in light of eternity. Is our hope through the series that we will cause our church to consider how to live “beyond” this life and plan for the world that is to come.